Sunday, November 30, 2008

aint no party like a s-club party.

so busy. no time to do much. better things to do than compute. jk. here are some pics i have taken in the last week. 
mustachio double mongloiding. 
first time i've seen this. but i think back, i think i have done it. or seen it. but it seems familiar. but it doesn't. 
pyraminds me of a library.
phil claims to know how to back 3. ive seen it once. 
gorgle and gargle. they wur sponsored for the night. but we only had one cig.. 
today was one of my easiest days of work. well thats bad karma for tomorow. but i worked in the morning. the house was a beach. but then i had to apartments. like. everything was plugged in when i got there. i just needed there john hancocks. and i was out. i would pay to have days like these.
honestly. people pee on dfloors. better than poo. i caught this tiny dinkie trying to pee. 
i honestly think snowboarding is better than skateboarding. thats gonna offend you. mind you mini is so fun. but... ping pong is a little higher.
keegans gone to calgary. Im gonna miss playing ping pong with him. he was always great at losing money. real good guy. had a smile even after he lost. im on his my5. 
marky jungle was there. its funny when you roll up to a place and people are like don't go in. and your like well im gonna go in and check it out. but then you get in your like man. wheres the grits.
grants window got turkey'd. It wasn't funny... but i had to laugh when the most thing he was worried about was. "they better not of f'n syphoned my gas!". a.the tank was full. b.the cover was open to it. c. it was a freezing ride home. d. theres a bounty of 35 bux going for the culprit. e. my back is killing.
oh get this, i think i had the flu. i wasn't even sure. but anyways. in the morning i've been haucking? up huge loogs. but its the texture and colour that is good about it. its like rubber. and off subject. i was snowboarding yesterday. i got off this rail. and my nose was leaking. it was like one of those spits where you play with it. like see how far you can let it drop. then suck it back up. but i did that with my nose. i honestly think it touched the ground. 
some people have those christmas orange boxes. I was at the sarna residence and i go in for one. and it was full of apples. that shits weak.
clawed mid 5's. the new hitler salute.
we went to frostfire. this photo is missing cory and jeff. they wur jungling beers at the bar. 
Steve- single. smelly.sleepy.smangster. i was gonna say stupid but thats low. i copy some of his tricks. then go up to him on prupose and be like. man you shoould try these. theyre so funn. oh and claims if he was a gurl he'd be pro.  
Brent- budweiser.bumpy.burpy.burpees.bungholed. jungle turt was sponsored by steve for the day. he tubed. and may have taken a dump in the morning. and dissappeared for like 20 minutes. possibly dumping. oh and drew naked chicks on my car. and swastikas. 
Anica- apples.air tricks.andy's(indys with a  A). anchovies. anica is better than phil. ya i said it. 
Phil- phat.panties.piahrea.pooshrooms. that bagel he's holding. he said he was gonna kill steve cause he said he ate it. looking at this photo i would have believed it. "somebody call the cops...that shits gang related". i know its from the edit. but to good. to all you hunters and hussies. stay warm. shits gon get cold out. pz... and love

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Keegan has vanished. he is no longer with us. me and him went for some beverages. actually he gamed at jays and i met him there. he's pretty much gonna be doot da doot da dootling in his truck out there. i am fn sore from snowboarding. my phone is jangled. 
keegan still owes me a headlight. if your reading this. pay up sucka
gargoyle was out. click on the photo and enjoi. i woulda been stoked.
he gave it to the bartender. tried walking away. got stuck in traffic. it was awkwurd.
free advertisement! love

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

disney turds.

a quick little story. my mom works nights. and she works with like cheques or something. like depositing them. anyway theres a bunch of different station. and theres a bunch of ladies.  anyways one day my mom went and got more paper for her machine thing. she ended up grabbing more than one for later i geuss. and this lady says to my mom. "don't you know your only supposed to grab one at a time?". my mom says "what are you the paper police.".. aha it may just be funny to me. but yea/ 
steve had a jungle bday. i don't even think he rode the mini ramp. we had a cake. no milk. and i've lost all my tricks.
vern's toes are unlike most. his 3rd toe is longer than his big toe. i have messed up toes to. but ive never seen a 3rd'r bigg'r than a 1st'r bro.  love

Sunday, November 23, 2008

surprise gift.

Keegan and courtney are leaving to calgary. well in jan. or something. there was a surprise party at the tavern. i fell asleep. almost missed the big event. but yea. a couple pictures. oh and i just found out the grey cup was on today. man football is cool. and that movie fast and furios. tokyo drift. sucks. 
keegan shed a little turtle here. 
tears were flowing. beers wur barely getting served. jay was pissed a.detox b.asked for a water c.didn't get it d.i beat him at pool 
nero beat me at pool the next game. something about that game i don't like. possibly my skills. 
stony mountain opened up today. woke up bright and early. snow was soft. by noon it was softer. kids flying everywhere. i love when a kid smashes into me and then gets mad at me for being there. i thought i cracked my board but was to scared to look at it. it wasn't tho. i may have a rash from going through a bush and these things wur all over me. new style.
i had a deluxe egg nip for bfast. they put a tomato that was 2 inches thick in my bun. i broke 3rd in the germany stage for best time. "jam". i think i broke something in my hand again.. this is random
oh and i went bowling last night. get this. im embarrassed enough for being in a bowling league. i ended up getting dead last out of 5 dudes. i think the girls may have beet me. im gonna quit.
julie love thai as much as i do. we've argued who has eaten it first. i gave her that. but i think i take the "eaten the most" title. 
alot of my pictures didn't turn out. but steph was there. julie and jay came from lundar. 
people kept on showing up. the service kept getting worse and worse as the night went on.
my mom showed up after work. hammered some wine. 
it may come down to me being the last child in the house. or in my case adult. pretty bad. i know
everyone who owed me money seemed to pay at the same time. all of it in 20 dollar bills. im starving. keep fit and have fun. love

Friday, November 21, 2008

the red water panties.

watched borat again. he's pretty serious. also went out for nero's birthday. he didn't get as jungled as last year.  fn cold out today. i literally froze my fingers to a lock.  im to tired to type.
gaudet played 4 songs in a row. the thing is they wur all the same song. youd know it if you heard it.
tons of people ended up being there. it was packed. 
steve is growing his face out.
some people wur shitting there pants. phil.
chink self portrait. oh and today speaking of shit. i was in a house and there was like 10 little pugs running around this house. it smelt like piss. anyway i walked past this fresh piece of poo like 3 times then the one time im coming up the stairs i seen it smooshed. i check and didn't see anything on my shoes. so i goto get my shit signed and i smell shit. i thought the dude shit his pants. so i was grossed out. turns out i stepped in the shit. he smelt the shit. probly thought i shit my pants. when im thinking he shit his pants. but it was my shoe.
im actually lucky i didn't take off my shoes. that on a sock would suck. 
my lips are burning from this hot sauce. 
nero last year.
not as good this year. its this surprise party right now. im late. love

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


this past spring me and some friendsers went snowboarding. its from my camera so choppy. we just filmed a couple runs. gorg did a quick edit lastnight. enjoy another youtube video youtube.

keep safe. love


Regardless of who you are. you get scared. everyone gets scared. its natural. this movie is insane. its not that scary. but its pretty fn good. serious soundtrack. the music is cooced. definitely prepare to be hiding under your sweater or slouched in your seat. me and mymyryk probly would have survived. every house hold should have 2 to 4 guns. thats my new thing. especially when you live in the bush. then about 4-6 guns. And i will give someone 100 bux to goto my cabin by themselves and watch this movie. and chill for a night. actually thats not enough. like 300 bucks. let me know.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

now and then.

For those of you that know me. i have tons of family. seems like every weekend is a birthday party. diner. thing. Im stoked about it tho. Kids flying around the house. screaming. fighting. laughing. all apart of life. kids are to funny. but yea. courtney my youngest sister turned 20. that seems old. so that makes me old. but i've been told i've aged well. not sure if it was sarcastic. but i just drank a tims coffee and am jacked. 
my sister enjoys puking. im not making fun of her. but she pukes in sinks. toilet. and when you drink rye and cokes. that stuff comes out black. i dunno. makes me sick thinking about it. And my writing is almost the egzact same as my dads. except for b's and e's.
im constantly trying to learn new things with my camera. people get pissed. keegans gone to calgary in two weeks or something. another name on the list for places to sleep free of charge. you know
I enjoy family coming over. a)they come over. b)there is always a good meal. c)in this case chinese. 
 missing julie and jay and the munchkins. 
who's ever birthday it is. they don't have a chance blowing out the candles. i don't remember being so stoked to blow those dangs this out. this is probably the best part of there night.
i pretended to bite the cake. this is part of the look i got.
I went snowboarding today to stony. they had a rail jam thing. so good. i fell at one point and screamed awkwardly girly mid air. steve broke his board. oh and i got snow in my ear and right nostrel. f i love winter. and i got a chocolate milk with a free pepperoni stick. you know
Went to keegans after. put my camera on the pool table. boris took advantage of that. so these nexties are bobo's. oh and his cat is a girl. and its named joseph. come on
jungle turd couldn't find the house. ended up half in a ditch. me kuzie and keegan goto get him out. cops are there. tell us to get back. all i see is kgod blowing into a breathalizerer. And the cops like blow harder! i thought he was done fore. anyway, notthing ended up happening. I ended up falling on my back cause the road was so icy. but wur all alive. 
jay can't eat: cheese.milk.wings.chips.crackers.steak.cookies.whitebread.cinnamonbuns. and pretty much everything else. and cassie. not literally but she can't eat those things either. they detox. 
keegan if your reading this i want that mini fridge. oh and i beet keegan two games in bowling tonite. he got 327 one game. people wur stoked. i was like uhhh. at least i got ping pong. speaking of. i beet him two games. he owes me 20. tried trading his clear dice bowling balls for the 20. no chance. im not gonna show up with these custom balls. and be throwing gutters. im already embarrassed enough.
jroc is killin it these days. he's related to joseph and gem. in a way.
stefano. if thats how you spell it. knows his computer shit. thank gosh.
im sitting here. check out my one chest hair. if you can find it. i don't get it. and yea. i don't know why only one grows. that shits heat. 

This Modern Love (Bloc Party cover) by Final Fantasy
check out this cover. for real . love zigone