Friday, January 9, 2009

poopsicles and rain.

I am currently in a parkade. we are getting internet monday. for one day we had it at the house but 3 laptops connected must have blew that persons router up. so much facebooking. phil anice and gorgen are competing for most notifications. yea. people keep walking by and staring. but here i am blogging and interneting. I am getting internet for monday. i falling in love with how this hole topic is based on internet. 
everything around whistler is carney's. i think it must be some big brand name. company. gang?.
my phone takes shit pictures. also the rendevous doesn't have a microwave. i resorted to cooking frozen pizza pops in a boiling hot cup of water. don't try it.
gorgen almost burnt down the place. i wake up from a nap. come to the living room. he's sitting there facebooking. im like "whats that smell". he's like "i dunno". i go into the next room and it was filled with smoke. the blanked caught on fire. somehow. i still think he was trying to kill us. anyway. i saved the day. another notch on the karma belt.
blue. we lost the kitty today. well i didn't. i geuss it got out last night. phil franticly searched for it. woke me up. no signs of kitty. apparently it was under the deck or something. i ended up buying it catnip. it didn't like it. phil decided to pour it in its food dish. that may be the reason it went missing.
we took a drive to vancouver yesterday. tons of weird waterfalls along the highway. pretty nice scenery. 
everyone bugs me for facebooking on my iphone. if you had access you would to. 
i sat backseat with mega. she wasn't stoked on leaving.
I have never been to vancouver but i have heard of hastings. im not sure if its bad. or whatever. but there was alot of beauts walking around.
everyone seemed to have nice cars. im thinking of putting this dash in my escort. 
traffic authority pulled over phil. he started crying. it was awkward. he kept asking for a bandaid. i dunno. 
we got caught in the middle of a intersection at a red light. these cars wur pissed. they wurn't stoked i took this picture.
yea i can throw that high. 
went to some lake thing. everyone had umbrellas. planes wur taking off and landing. pretty boring. 
that building being built has a grass roof.
vancouver is pretty nice. they have grass and plants still. i wouldn't be stoked on all the rain tho. 
i got sea sick walking on these walkways in the water. almost fainted. not a big deal. 
i feel like such a tourist. camera. found a umbrella. but still handsome. 
phil did some trickss. 
mega trying to fly away. 
i walked around with a starbucks tea. felt awkwurd holding the cup itself. 
My new buy. got it at ikea. organization is key. take care of yourselves. love