Wednesday, September 24, 2008

blogbowl burdday.

it was anica's birthday. i had a invite via text. i take bowling pretty serious now. but then gorgen beat me 2 games. and i had to step up the heat.. 
i blamed my pants under the heals. and my pants wur to baggy. really threw me off.
"i can't believe i remembered". gorgen remembering his childhood tricks. 
we fn bowled 5 games. i pulled a thigh. 
phils got cards. and was super notgood at bowling. its all style. 
the 6th game turned into hucking those balls down the aisle watever way you want. i think the ball give'r back'r was busted. it stopped giving us balls. balls
i had to number two.  and my shoe was not coming off. 
kurtis hummed the ball so hard into the gutter it came back out and hit some pins. i was fn impressed. gorgen tried a couple times but pretty much couldn't play no more due to the best of 5 championship i won.
i hummed a ball some weird way i thought it was gonna hit the roof. it ended up land directly on the lights dividing each isle thing. my heart stopped for like 3 seconds.
this chick honestly made it on a bus stop sign. fn good teeth tho.
k this is out of no where. but everytime i leave my room. i turn out all the lights. for those of you who know my stories. this is fd. like the lite is on and the slider is open a crack wide open. and i had a bad dream and woke up egzactly at 3 am. im outskin of that dunge
snows coming. gorgen's grade 9.5 photo. thirsty thurs. and i love u. depending who's reading. love


get dure tears on! im gone bowling.. love