Friday, December 19, 2008

to much sushi.

no work.= no money. =no freezing hands.=that weird feeling of unthawing.=sleeping in=not all in the right order.
phils been practising when im not there. 
globby's been aswell.
last but not least turd nugent. getting serious.
carnson cough up this doozey right onto his hand. so mature.
my brand spankin new jeans got pooped on. by a broken button!
my knee pooped out a bruise. and severe dry skin.
i grind down my trucks with a file before i goto the skatepark. then i just hold it so you have to see how much ive been grinding stuff. you know
the dragon is back. i've made fun of those hats for my hole life. i remember i was in grade 5 or 6. i can't remember. i hated those things back then. i seen a dude at recess with one. i don't even know if he went to the school. but i actually hit him with a snowball. a chase began. i jumped into neala and kaileys old backyard and stashed behind a bush. lets just say i won.
steves posture is serious. he's by himself in like 2 handfulls of days.
vaags is there everytime i am. 
greg's managing the new h&m opening up. its gonna be the best! call him for a job
h&m is gonna kill this city. i don't even know what that store is.
the new handshake. respect.
kids flying everywhere. 
pickles are not cucumbers. no in the same family.
this is what i want to know how to bake. curry chicken. 
my sister is a mom. i bugged her tonite. mom
my sister is another mom. almost x2. get with it!
Happy Belated Stephanie. love