Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we need a tranquilizer.

So stephen steve craveiro is staying with us for 3 weeks. it has been a week. i think he is mental. he is currently staring at me eating his dumb cookies. and now sitting across from me still staring. he has completely lost it. oh and he finished my fn sour cream.
this is him on any given night. completely mental looking. drooling. 
he takes my camera into the bathroom. comes out being "look at this football poop". that is disgusting. 
better off. im on facebook. walks up. points at this add and says "thats you".  and then does this loud mental laugh. and then plays the guitar beside me doing humping actions. send help. love

monday.cut your hair

wake up. babies with colds. appparently freezing out. shred. hot sun. frozen face going down. hugest jacket i have. steaming hot. this is the last of the pictures from winnipeg. last day. china food. you don't get this everyday. at least i don't. but when you do. stock pile.
on the chairlift today. some skier snakes on with me and marc. halfway up. we see this skier eat shit. like both noses of his skis dig in on the landing of this table beneath us. i burst out laughing. not knowing skiers take offence of other skiers falls. eat shit were my last words. 
this chicken is kill. phil "go fuck". he gets angry playing asshole. pg13. sorry
these kids are two good. most of you may have never met them. they will make you laugh. sometimes leave the house. or get into heated arguments with them.
today i thought my hand shattered. it hurt bad. i was holding it for abit. i bit my thumb because a.my hand was hurting. b.try and get back at my hand for hurting?. c.i don't even know. it worked and the pain was gone. it was a good feeling.
steve is here. he has a cold. 
he takes Neo-bitchran. directions: become a pussy. stir into tea.
photos are big in my family. 
sometimes kids get super scared of me. like i'll walk up. see the kid. they either smile or cry. and then i do awkward noises to try to calm them down. doesn't work. i get semi embarrassed. this is going nowhere.
let it be known i beat phil in skate twice tonite. ping pong tomorow. my feet are frozen. video from this culvert up soon. keep your gitch clean. kaw kaw. love