Monday, December 22, 2008

santa's gonna knock you out.

the polls are in. i am 12% handsome. thats decent. the whole poll was rigged. people wur hammering away at that stinky breath vote. most likely the same person. but i will challenge anyone to a breath off. basically we get judges and yea. see who the winner is.  honestly who would vote for rippy gitchies. thats awkwurd.
me and brent barely made it into the shred premiere. it was a steam house. went to pyramid after. tons of people. havent seen andrew in a while. alyo.
the whole premiere. i was boiling hot and kinda sweating. i had a beer stashed. someone got there beer snagged by "movie security". 
rossong shreds snow to. ya know
i cannot do shots of jd. i will puke on or around you. true fact
chink was pappying. i enjoi his camera. 
stoked for santa
i slipped full force walking into the bar. keep it casual.
marky b and coffee 

i am starving.
iknow for a fact he voted stinky breath!

i won 40 bux in the vlts. 
me and my babe!
cheetam was driving and singing. i thought i caught him on camera. but he just no handed r.
K. if this doesn't make you smile. i will punch you in the face twice. and torpedo will 1  2 you.
turtle jimmied his tooth. "i was so drunk". don't drink and skate. or else you'll lose your outside corner of your front right tooth. obv.
brother and sister.
this is what created the poll.  mature.
this dance move has spread countryside.
steve had my camera for abit. there was lots of babe pics.
that hair is super smooth. 
demonic. or retonic?
santa clause came early.
nealon caught phil on this this jump catch move thing. i was stoked.
sowyourjeens. getchialattes. veggiesburgs. thai. sushi. hotchocolate. karma. newyearsresolutions. haircuts. shower. notpunchedintheface. orinthethroat.. merry christmas. love