Sunday, April 19, 2009

ceasar who.

today i was petting this black dog. i had a gatorade in my hand at the same time. i accidentally poured it all over the dog. no one saw it. but the dog was soaked.
new technique. if there was a gauge that measured smell. our kitchen was beyond a steaming BFI on a steamy friday night.
note the direction of aim. and then where it went.
phil learnt how not to golf.
got his ray bans fixed. everyones ears are off centre apparently. therefore crooked glasses.
send home postcard.
we are obsessed with that poop on ma knee song. i woke up the other day to phil eating breakfast with the computer by him playing that song. we know all the lyrics.
pallet fires.
giving dogs chocolate is a myth. i think.
our hydro bill is 500 bones. i got a 20 inch samsung tv for sale. and tons of socks.
tail on fire.
caley kills it. love