Monday, March 30, 2009


i have been using my phone for alot of random pictures lately. apparently there is two dogs stuck together. siamese. around mt. curry
safety always off.
our electrical bill came. 470 bones.
almost as good. for sale in the village. 3 bones ea.
i bought apples mom.
suck it. smolder
new bowls.
if you haven't seen grizzly man. i have watched it 3 times. you can see a screenshot of tim swimming with a grizzly. or not really. blazed. love

bring em out.

i just got shot by one of those guns in the bathroom. someone is going to die. we have 2 special people staying with us now. josh and dylan. they may be almost as mental as steve. and i just downloaded the old grey album. its almost new again.
went to the skatepark. fun setup.
i don't think.
first go.

dylan got a press.
tinsleys last weekend.
"fred". gorgen knows him. is fn slacking
tinsleys last night out. phil and anica joined in.
someone snagged 2 redbulls.
tinsley knows this chick. marc likes this chick. will with this chick.
the tpro chant.
5.25. will you owe me 4 bux.
tinsley has bounced back to the uk. he was rad. gonna miss him. until next time. i burnt my waffles. love