Wednesday, March 18, 2009

diaper rash. literally.

yesterday was weird. got jungled at like 5 pm. played the most f'd up version of f' you. i lost both games. puked by 8. handsome by 8.30. hot tubbed by 9. barrd by 11. my jeans had a ketchup stain on the crotch which i tried hiding.
got a new game. it only lets me win 2 ginos. but i get there without any lifelines. although i guess'd on the name of the plane that flew straight to france in 1980.
waking up on the floor is so good. i've come up with a new technique. lay diagonal and you have another half hour of no floor. its like a natural alarm clock with sleep button.
phil's been rockin his new haircut.
straight chillin with the new dew.
so yesterday we fixed my tire. i drove down to whistler while everyone was riding. what do you know. i step in dog diahrea on my way in.
5 minutes later. it smells like diahrea. i freak. stop. find a mess by my feet. try cleaning it out on the side of the highway. gagging constantly. why did it have to be diahrea.
we hit up the candy shop. yorkie is apparently not for girls. only babers.
we wur ... i came up with dc snowboard. dyed candy. it made sense at the time.
no thanks.
went shopping. bought useless items. 13 bucks later im in my shit smelling car.
come home to phil bbqing. or attempting to bbq. the burnt skin adds xtra flavor. i have eaten junk food all day. candy. ketchup chips. now lucky charms. my stomach feels like a rubber block. handsome as ever. love