Sunday, January 18, 2009

bad karma or luck. or just extreme handsomeness.

Weather has been insane. winnipeg is warming up aswell. my cars going coo coo. i now have heat but no interior lights. went to the library. took out some books to read. getting a library card is ideal. free movies. magazines. books. computer use. all for free. well borrow. same thing. Im trying to do this blog on phils computer. this is actually hard not on a mac. typing alone. there is 5 birthdays on facebook today. happy birthday.
this is will and trevors place. we've been known to watch vids on the computer up there. brent also sleeps on the been bag from time to time.
there walkway up is dope. would be death if icy.

People are rich. not all. but most. houses/cabins are insane. some house sold for 18 mil by whistler mountain. Places are going so expensive for the olympics next year. will and watsons place is going for 25gs a month next winter. shits weak.
me and will went to a second hand use it thing store. so much old stuff. microwaves going for 15 bones. coffeemakers for 9 bones. gently used underwear for 1 bone. stock up.
I have a severe ear ache. from hot tubing last night. going peak to peak was the most pain ever. elevation change. it was bad. badder than a jungled wrist. i know badder's not a word.
Tons of hanging.
Will has been so kind to leave his xbox 360 here. Im killing it at tiger woods 07. but i miss ping pong.
i took my camera out. took one photo from the chair lift. kate goes in the black park! we chat through fences..

So my computer is broken. it won't turn on. there are no mac repair places around. my hand also rebroke. i got to spend a nice afternoon at the hospital. it was super sunny. so i was stoked. time for a nice awkward time in the hot tub and pool and drink away some of this pain. not addicted wise but. yea. love