Sunday, January 4, 2009

"im gonna fall in love with...... everything. " is the joke.

im back again. so handsome its insane. snowboarding is so good. but i miss mini ramp. living on my own is a nightmare. i do laundry... make food. make my lunch. supper. im pretty mature. 
this is the peak 2 peak gondola. people announce it as " gond-dola" or "gond-alla". or some use it as "gonj-ola". russel. 
this thing is high as f@ck. people jumped off skydiving. or basejumping. oh. and i was in there yesterday. there was a mass. weeeed session. i did not partake.
my new custom gouge. babes dig it.
this is as of 20 minutes ago. and its still falling. 
i found that dang hole in my air mattress. 
previous owners of this place wur paper mashay'ers. they mashay'ed the shit out of the toilet.. coincedence.
our fridge has nothing. but im stacked on food. i bought a 8 dollar cheese wiz. toast. best combo. and i bought polski orgorki's. and pizza. pops. eggos. cereererereial. and a sowing kit. which i don't know how to use. 
gargoyle games like woze. you know the jaw movements. oh and jay. thanks a f@ckn ton for the xbox. its a huge hit. don't freeze to bad with those cabinets. come out.
gargoyle camel'd it hard. these reek. 
my room at night. honestly best thing i brought was my lava lamp. shits be ballin.
we stopped at some road. sky was nice. water was nice. this is just after kamloops.  
lil kitties be following me everywhere.
this little turd is an orphan cat. we are watching it for who knows how long. first it was for new years. now for a couple days. the best thing is. when it came here the first time. it was super shy and wouldn't really play. now its back for the second time. thinking it runs the place. but i can't use my phone. so if you need me . text me. here are special text messages i received today. "I took a stinky dump. It's foul smell and texture reminds me of you and your breath" . aha k. "I got drunk. Pooed my reminded me of you." if your wondering who this sick f'n mind would be. don't check out this website! love