Wednesday, February 25, 2009


rarr. from streetsmokes on Vimeo.
2 days. my poor editing skills. and i don't speak french. a little bit tho. love

wednesday should be spelt wensday.

snowed out of my car. so fun. frozen shut doors. no heat. well a little. sleep on a pullout couch with a big bean bag as a pillow. surprisingly good.
tinsley's artistic touch. i suck at art. well most parts of it. but my mind is so artistic. i have to pack. vern i hope you get to handle my bag. someones gonna snap.
rebelled against health care. 
immediately regretted it. jk. love

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


phils wants a golden retriever puppy. he also wants it to stay a puppy forever. my reply was get a weiner dog. when they're babies how big are they. imagine a actual hot dog weiner sized dog. woof. also i have the worst luck with doctors. ie. not getting my cast off. she's like come back next week and we'll take it off and xray it again. im like. yo i had a ct scan already and there were 3 breaks. whats a xray gonna do. it can't see the breaks. shes like uhhhh. im like. return your fake breasts.
jack and jane have been married 8 years. dog love

Monday, February 23, 2009

this cat has teeth.

monday again. everyone probly bummed the week is starting. on the other hand it snowed 30 cms lastnight. which isn't alot. but right now it seems massive for snow in whistler. went and found snow. insane snow in some spots. hip deep. realized how shitty my board is in deep snow. saw one of those skiiers that don't have the heels locked in eat shit. i laughed. which automatically gives me bad karma. 
last night shmoke and a pancake existed. i was in aw.
coffee ana gitch pulled from my phone album.  you can see the steam lines coming from him. 
so we find these cliffs. well rocks. i decide to go another way. find myself in a sketchy situation. phil.marc.tinsley.and brent are at the bottom of this face. im trying to find a line to go down. when i see cracks starting in the snow. i move slowly. they get bigger. they're yelling at me from the bottom to keep going right cause theres a bunch of rocks below. im trying not to trigger this slide thats gonna sweep me with it down onto them. i wish i had a camera. but i made it out. the whole time i thought i was done because i had laughed at that skier earlier. 
turns out my karma reward is severe grandpa hand. no one can beat this. 6 hours of a soaking sock glove. nacho platters and beers after. a cast hand can't throw darts. hot tub to help my back. love

Sunday, February 22, 2009

keen and reckon. my 2 new words

its raining and snowing. we took the day off. i attempted to wash my car for the first time with the hose. and its worse than it was before somehow. brents cooking breakfast and its 3 pm. we got bacon. eggs. hamm. toast with cheese wiz. obv. killer killer. danka gorgen.
i made what was left of my bread. does it matter if you pull off the mold?. 
we went to tapleys. its a pub where will words. i got smoked at that hockey game thats in the bubble thing. 
waiting in this bus stop for half an hour is usually the norm. everytime we pretty much miss it. tinsley is back so we celebrated his bddday.
phil misses anica. we had a competition walking around. getting judged on our teeth. i got the gold. phil got silver. marc got bronze. phil was pissed cause he had braces for 2 years. it must be my tooth brush.
watson was done. but got his 2nd wind later. 
gorgen hammering black bull. i tried it. one of the main ingredients is windex. i swore it anyways.
tinsleys finger is crooked as f. that metal brace is strictly for the ladys. if they seen it without it they would throw up. or be more attracted. i dunno. its sunday. 
marc.phil. and i had another competition. who was the best looking. im not gonna go into details.  but justice was served. i won at least half. and i got third to this one girl who thought phil was number one. my jaw is to big.
i can't really remember the show. i just remember alot of "t-dot"  yells. and them chugging vodka.
apparently you can lose your ear. and they (science bros) can take your dna and grow your exact same shape ear on a mouses back. your body will not reject it either. man. i wish i was more into my science studies. f that chart of elements. love

Friday, February 20, 2009


its friday. this is from the weekend. last weekend. i can't remember any of the good stories. tinsley is back. kardinal tonite.
marc bought a truck. we decided to go see murder city devils. traffic makes you want to throw up. 
got into the show somehow. couldn't leave. 5.75 a beer. waiting and waiting. cap lori opens up. she is mellow good. 
past lives was up next. my wallet was sore at this point. 
murder city devils. cool show.
bounce from the show. this dude was posting up slangn hot dogs. clearly sanitary.
just cook the roost bro.
some people have talent. this dude didn't. still enjoyed his 16 cents i had. 
marc hooked this chick up with a lighter. i asked if i could take a photo. she replies" im a bit cracked out". the more crackery looking the better the picture is.
i somehow get lost on a street. construction going on everywhere. i ran into these ladies. before this pic there was 2 homeless dudes just standing and staring at the window. i can run at least 26 kph for about 5 seconds. 
i get super lucky. the hostel we got was like a block from the show. and conveniently 2 blocks away for my ct scan in the morning. 
so im waiting in this radiology ward in the hospital. see a pay phone. call home. as im talking the nurse comes out and calls me. say my goodbyes. hang up the phone. but it like falls off and makes a loud noise in this quite room. the lady that was watching me the whole time gives me the dirtiest look i have ever been given. i was in shock. walking away i turn back. and shot her with one of the ugliest faces i could make. her face was priceless.. can that be bad karma?
everyone has these luxury cars and rims. some people are all about showing what they have. or how much money they make. man i drive a 1999 ford escort wagon. money in the bank.
apparently i look like a homeless dude named randy. this homeless dudes like. "man you look like randy. but your not homeless. and don't have a dog with you". its also nice when you see someone you haven't seen and they're like "you look like a bum". must be my dangerous nose.
go up to grouse. insane view. they had a 48 hour shred going on. 52 bones for as long as you want. no sleeping tho. icy conditions. nice sunset. cold pitchers for 18.25.  this dude paul gave us a tour of the hill. f van is nice. fk that cambie bridge tho. 
went to the park royal mall after. they had a awards thing for a halfpipe comp at seymour.  babes. not really.
the flying tomato won. i didn't wanna post this. the dude who got second. run looked alot better. my goal was to snag whites wallet and give the money to will . i felt sorry for his game.
+1 uptop is pretty good.  and whats the deal with skiing. not skiing but the whole poles deal. some dudes rock no poles. half poles. full poles. id really like to know. love

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lolzzy's. wow

broke. wednesday. out of hot sauce. learnt 2 more tricks. going out. so not that broke. bye anica. thanks for the room phil. man im sweaty.

this video has 34,275,743 hits on youtube. i haven't seen it yet. the chances are you have seen it. i think i might have a chance at something like this. these are some replies to his video:

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sometimes i just read comments on videos. love

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

we just wanna kidnap you.

today was a late start. end up riding blackcomb. start riding black park. everythings good. camera gets pulled out. first trick being filmed i knuckle the step up on a late back 1. nothing hard. but i felt like i had died. cartwheeled. people yelling from the chair. hip feeling like its not apart of my body no more. the BEST. 
last night we go out. we park in some underground garage. phil parks crooked in this stall. pretty much blocks this other car that was beside us in. i looked. assessed the situation. If the car really wanted to get out it could. so. this was the note in the morning. douche.
k. if you actually read this. this is a crazy story. get ready. so trevor (photo above) is out of the hospital. he is lucky to be alive. i picked him up from sqwaumish today and i got my car back. it was 400 bones and the heat still doesn't work. no tail lights. no interior lights. but the radio works. anyways. trevor told me the craziest story. here it goes. the day he fell. he was driving up to the mountain with a homie. he decided to be a nice guy and hook up 3 random hitch hikers from over seas with a ride up to the mountain. as they were getting out at base 2. the one chick from romania?. asked if trevor and his homie believed in god. the dude he was with said no. and trevor says yes. so the chick asks trevor if he would like to say a prayer with her. trevor is like sure. so she makes him repeat what she was saying. at the end. all he remembers from it is repeating " god will come into your heart. and if you except him a miracle will happen". 3 lifts later he passed out on the chair. fell 25 feet flat onto his stomach. he is lucky to be alive. i believe.
on another note. anica just walk up and says. "you have fecal matter on my tooth brush". apparently. when you flush the toilet all the bacteria goes in the air. hence on your tooth brush that is on the counter. always put it in a cupboard. i was just bragging today about my white spaceteeth. love

Monday, February 16, 2009

spicey licey hair.

whistlerblackcombs website lies. they said it was -14. get up top. sunny. maybe -8. film. slash. knuckle a nice table. learnt 3 new tricks. my same finger with the hole in the glove almost froze off again. that must be a sign to get new gloves. how far is christmas?
the other night. fireworks were going off by our trailer. its always quiet so we were hoping it was a gun shoot out. turned out some winter festival opener. the dog that hangs out around here got so scared. while i took a picture he came to chill. anica ends up taking him inside. the rest is history.
i posted this a while back. i was amazed at how much muscle this pup had. reminded me of grand beach.
i named the stray buddy. he had decent muscle aswell. but would still get tuned by the other dog.
he was soo scared. like shaking and crying scared. 

woof from streetsmokes on Vimeo.
i thought i would cheer him up with some cheese wiz. later i fed him 6 pieces of bread. and some water. i tried taking him outside but he looked so sad. so i let him chill.i goto bed.
wake upto this. the funny thing is. he came to my room crying at like 4am. i actually got up. tried letting him out. he didn't wanna go. it was freezing. getting back to sleep sucked. he got the last laugh this time. you be nice and get shit on. literally. love

Sunday, February 15, 2009


take the day off from a previous late night. i have tons of photos from the weekend. today was easier to documentate. wake up a little later. make some kd. sit around. decide to go to some hot springs?.  
apparently esso has bad gas. literally. 3 dudes who filled up their snowmobile there that day had blown there engines. phil was worried. i end up with mouth full of gasoline for lunch while trying to syphon his tank. ended up doing it. obvi. head to the vender to pick up a heiny and wur off.
that cabin above is ghetto. literally made of scrap. but has satellite tv. so makes him better than me. phils sled actually works again. 
exhaust is a good sign of a running engine.  so we rip down this "groomed" trail. same thing as last time pretty much. this time we thought it would be a good idea to get pulled by rope on a snowboard. turned out super fun. except going 60-70kph and have ice/snow/ice-snowballs flying at you from the sled. felt so good on my knee and top lip. 
we passed the trail to the natural springs. end up going the wrong way. find somewhere to turn around. phil starts playing in the deep snow. doing sick turns. im cheering him on. telling him to do it again. as i always instigate. ends up stalling somehow. sitting trying to start it again. nothing. ends up starting in like 10 minutes. "flooded". during that time i was already planning some fight moves with the butcher knives i brought this time . to some sort of animal. always gotta be ready for a gang fight vs. wild animals.
end up getting to the spot. theres a little cabin. we start lighting all the candles. everything is pitch black. at this point i regretted coming on the adventure. something about pitch black. middle of nowhere. thinking about those bad guys from the movie "i am legend". makes you not want to be in a place like that.
shit.s steaming. hot waterfalls. 
there was little bath tubs. hot tubs. warm pools. hot ends. warm current spots all over. it was insane. 
so all this water flow into this pool. and you can control the hot and cold faucets. phil wrecked it by turning off the turning on the hot. which actually meant there was no hot water flowing in what you seen abovex2 waterfall. which led into the swim spot. i was confused to. 
i opposited phil in this. purposely took off my shirt. flexed. dieted. did not get scared.
so. you realize its sunday night. your sitting in a natural hot spring. drinking a heiny bottle. cast is getting wet. not caring. you have it pretty good.
we end up leaving because i started pretending some man was in the bushes and moving around. and watching us. i end up scaring myself. time to go. 
home free. it was weird i wasn't used to being able to drive out of the trail. first time. and 40 something km's trying to double 3 on a sled=frozen wrists. one finger which had a hole in its glove near dead. extreme hip pain. got off the thing walking like a old cowboy. which i hate.  and possible lower body paralization for tomorrow. love