Sunday, February 15, 2009


take the day off from a previous late night. i have tons of photos from the weekend. today was easier to documentate. wake up a little later. make some kd. sit around. decide to go to some hot springs?.  
apparently esso has bad gas. literally. 3 dudes who filled up their snowmobile there that day had blown there engines. phil was worried. i end up with mouth full of gasoline for lunch while trying to syphon his tank. ended up doing it. obvi. head to the vender to pick up a heiny and wur off.
that cabin above is ghetto. literally made of scrap. but has satellite tv. so makes him better than me. phils sled actually works again. 
exhaust is a good sign of a running engine.  so we rip down this "groomed" trail. same thing as last time pretty much. this time we thought it would be a good idea to get pulled by rope on a snowboard. turned out super fun. except going 60-70kph and have ice/snow/ice-snowballs flying at you from the sled. felt so good on my knee and top lip. 
we passed the trail to the natural springs. end up going the wrong way. find somewhere to turn around. phil starts playing in the deep snow. doing sick turns. im cheering him on. telling him to do it again. as i always instigate. ends up stalling somehow. sitting trying to start it again. nothing. ends up starting in like 10 minutes. "flooded". during that time i was already planning some fight moves with the butcher knives i brought this time . to some sort of animal. always gotta be ready for a gang fight vs. wild animals.
end up getting to the spot. theres a little cabin. we start lighting all the candles. everything is pitch black. at this point i regretted coming on the adventure. something about pitch black. middle of nowhere. thinking about those bad guys from the movie "i am legend". makes you not want to be in a place like that.
shit.s steaming. hot waterfalls. 
there was little bath tubs. hot tubs. warm pools. hot ends. warm current spots all over. it was insane. 
so all this water flow into this pool. and you can control the hot and cold faucets. phil wrecked it by turning off the turning on the hot. which actually meant there was no hot water flowing in what you seen abovex2 waterfall. which led into the swim spot. i was confused to. 
i opposited phil in this. purposely took off my shirt. flexed. dieted. did not get scared.
so. you realize its sunday night. your sitting in a natural hot spring. drinking a heiny bottle. cast is getting wet. not caring. you have it pretty good.
we end up leaving because i started pretending some man was in the bushes and moving around. and watching us. i end up scaring myself. time to go. 
home free. it was weird i wasn't used to being able to drive out of the trail. first time. and 40 something km's trying to double 3 on a sled=frozen wrists. one finger which had a hole in its glove near dead. extreme hip pain. got off the thing walking like a old cowboy. which i hate.  and possible lower body paralization for tomorrow. love

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