Thursday, May 20, 2010

5.25 vegas

sunday afternoon.. beautiful day.
this was our canoe trip..
beers always cold.
this may have been after the first spill.
busch gets last picture.
before phil left ceasars were an afternoon must.
i thought for a second this dude was gonna land on the lines.. but he pulled around.
no hands is key to drinking a ceasar.
they're coming.
parking at tapleys.

went to vancouver with will to meet up with boutet and megan.
ultimate cotts at the fairmont.. the box spring wrecked my neck and back.
they waited for a ride.
we skated.

this guy.
this bank is always wet.. there has to be some kind of trick?
sea walk to stanley park.

inches away.
meeso hungrry.
new rolex.
hands are done for modeling.
we got bathrobes.
pz suckas.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The killing of America (1982)

Don't watch this before bed.

20" citizen tube tv for sale?

i just watched this documentary about killing in america.. worst nightmares last night. ill post it if i can find it. but these pictures are from may and they have alot of the same faces just different partying locations.
cruizin round town.
mandatory cigs
2% till death.
do not buy.
board on.
will strapped.
game of beef.
ontario and montreal.
fresh cut.
jody keeping things in order.
rob with angels.
jesse killed it.
4.20 was max's birthday.
went to the brass to start the day off.
bacon ceasars.

grilled cheese and tomato paste.
up the mountain.
mini pipe party.
carton of quebec classics.
busch was killing it.
pbr killing it.
marc almost lost his passport the night before he left to sweden. he looked somewhat like this.
alize' was bought. but not remembered.
tk almost tko'd a dude this night.
sanford double fisting.
went to shred the next day in the rain.
free beer from kokanee tent led to this.
my babe in the green
matt stoked for the.
free classified show at the base.
he was stoked to get a pic with us.

back to the brass.
phils camera got jacked? we will find it.
free drinks.
scotty celebrated his birthday 4 days early.
this post took me 2 dayys because of internet issues. no stress.