Monday, April 13, 2009


i almost shit yesterday. were trying to drive up to the hotsprings again. this time we brought 2 sleds. take out my camera. no battery. so here's some pictures from my phone. i think this may be a phone blog now. and 2 eggs got wasted this morning because of weak yolk's. i missed easter dinner at home but no care in the middle of pretty much nowhere is good to.
7 of us on 2 sleds. barely worked. me and anica had to walk all the gravel patches. we wur pissed.
3 hours later we arrive. its almost worth it when you feel the slime inside.
this was our meal in the pool. dry china noodles. sesame crackers. and beer. and ... . we tried making a fire the whole time we wur there. everyone took turns. the popular approach was pouring some gasoline into the empty oe bottle and dumping it on the fire.
when you would dump the gasoline on. it would leave a trail of fire on the rocks. being as handsome as we are. it was actually fun to walk on.
my first step in was on slime. i slipped. mistakes happen. there was a patch that was impossible to walk up in there.
i found my bottle i ditched 2 months ago.
i have never seen rain come down so hard. 4 people on 1 sled. my hands completely numb. beyond the point of pretending they're not.
chocolate on sale. love