Monday, February 9, 2009

monday.cut your nails

it snowed 11 cms lastnight. we woke up early. get to the peak. didn't seem like much snow. hiked. walked. limped. to good snow. sun was out. cast was rotting. stomach rejecting the morning coffee.
went out the other night. get to emerald. someone tries showing me something. this gets loaded. disgusting people out there.
im fine with the cheapest beer. 
i make mean perogies. well cook. someone come cook me something?
marc is spelt with a c. not a k. this mark. cc burns. and doesn't mix in my stomach with red bull. 
finally we leave. 
jump on a bus. everyones yelling. no one on the bus but a couple onlookers smiling. gorgen was on it actually. don't drink and drive.
quick story. when i was coming home from mexico last year. we finally get back to winnipeg. they have the drug dogs sniffing everyone. the dog started sniffing me like crazy. i didn't even do anything. get searched to the extreme. i think all dogs hate me. he was probly like. "man this dudes handsome as f.". "he's going down". 
the zombie dance.  its pretty serious.
phil's id got cut. he ran and hitchhiked home. we go in. smell of wine and cheap perfume.
jag and a heiny. 6 bones. reid would be all over this. 
theme. gay pride week.  literally.
get this. a fight breaks out in the bar. this dude hits another dude with the end of the pool cue. it was serious. nothing happens. they finish there game and go on with there night. bartender tells me i can have the candle. bouncer snaps. grabs me by my hair/touque. throws me out. i knew i should have worn my ae polo. dang.
sleep where you can. don't drink and drive again.
8 people sleeping in the little place.crowded. a baby mattress with ripped sharp plastic.bad karma as a parent. being quite at 4am.hard. watching mark unravel 2 toilet rolls to make a pillow.priceless.
on a serious note.i receive this text at 2.53. "watson had a serious accident. he blacked out and fell off the chair i tried to save him but there was nothing i could do. they are flying him to van general hospital hes not in good condition i cant stop shaking". we wur riding whis and trevor and trevor watson wur ripping black park.  apparently he was cleaning his goggles and blacked out. tpro looks over and his eyes wur rolled back. slipped under the bar and fell 25 feet flat facing down. he was flown to van. send a prayer. love