Monday, February 7, 2011

gung hoe.

holy shit its been so long since ive posted something that i don't even know what to say.. if your still coming back thats dope to. My mind has been stuck in the real world but not really. I had 2 new years resolutions one of them being having a resolution for next year the next was to update this more often.. i already fd that up so im starting fresh again with a february resolution to keep my resolutions to a resolution.
these pictures are from like fall or something i can't remember the exact dates. anyway they're probly not that interesting seeing a bunch of dudes but its for the homies. reidyvegas took alot of photos aswell so a thank you to him.
jay and i got hustled in beer pong by 2 murcs. woze and gaudet cleaned up tho.
first night in minneapolis gaudet claimed he hated the city. until the price of booze changed his mind.
i don't remember the order of these nights but all the cats rolled in.
my cheese pose.
some bar.

getting shitty.
of coarse a brawl broke out. i think i was baked outside when i heard some dudes saying theres a bunch of canadians here beating people up. the rest is history. man theres so many events that happened. people getting arrested for bullshit. cops on horses masing woz. stores pretty much getting robbed for food. hotels that somehow didn't kick cats out...
went to a hockey game.. nose bleeds of the nose bleeds. literally last row. not for long.
went to some other place. Basically make your most shitty face possible.

i didn't wanna post this.


vikings game.
pre game.
finding that vendor slash gas station.
3 bone special
terrible order.
game time.
this is to familiar. this post was brought to you by bbm addicts and coop refund checks. love