Thursday, February 5, 2009

jimmy tits

thirsty thursday. beers. skate. concert. being handsome. and two beers left. i witnessed the stinkiest socks in the universe. they almost melted through the deck outside. quote by tinsley such
local visitors. 
bring sick gifts. to many good people here. 
we set up a loggy jam in the backyard. phil got his sled back again. 
text i get. "i woke up at 342 qm with a poo log coming out of my bummy in bed. what does that mean." that means your are cooked. love tho
anica mid poop. 
photos wur sketchy. to much mist.
will. the tinsley such. 
we had people over for dinner. spent half an hour in the supermarket figuring out what to eat.
all we bought was pizza. lettuce. bacon. they have banned selling handsomeness since i got here. people are pissed.
my signature breaky. barely made it out of the pan. love