Friday, January 23, 2009

abercrombie bro...

i am full. went out lastnight. woke up. went riding. by 2 i was done. me and gargoyle downloaded for the first time. we wur starving. anyway. wur in the whis gondola. these 4 chicks get in. i geuss from asia. they had the craziest language. i honestly tryed not to laugh. i look over to gorg. he's hiding his face behind his board. anyway. so they're talking this language and its going from low pitch to like fast high pitch. i burst out laughing. brents still hiding. they're staring at me. i couldn't stop laughing. they must have been talkin shit about me cause they wur like laughing to eachother. but i was still laughing. gorg was laughing and hiding. best part of my day so far.

2 key features to meals. also initial your stuff. shits expensive.
i've had this 2 days in a row. soo good. 12 bowls of noodles for 5 bones. handsomeness. priceless
my hand has been upto some crazy stuff. you think it would be a disadvantage. but holding a pan with no fingers is almost worth it.
still peeling oranges.
petting cow. as in 1 cow. me and phil try'd getting in there. i convinced phil to jump the fence. the cow pissed himself. for real. then started running around like a wild horse. i didn't know they could run. phil freaked out. to scared to ride it. but my hand was looking so good at the time. obv.
i pretend to brush. i honestly have permanent knots.
this kitty is dope. it loves the cast. "sorry did my ass just get in the way of your body"phil. to anica. get this. you know when you make a meal. its almost not worth it. cause you gotta cook it. set everything up. drink.plate.different dishes.etc. then you finally eat it. and if it was "alright". it was not worth it. cause then you have to do the dishes from all the cooking. then you wanna go back in time and not even cook at all.
my hand also goes swimming.
well hot tubbing. phils flexing. so about 10 pm this sucker closes. these dudes come out at about 9:45. there on some break from american college. one dudes a complete jonze and is passing out on the side of the pool. the other dudes are talkin. so the one big dude is talkin. im barely listening. he's introducing themselves so i start to listen. "man this dude is crazy. he surfs. skateboards. snowboards. he does everything". "he's from cali". then the cali dude puts on a cheesy smile and is knodding like "yea". later on i hear this guy talking about his tattoo. "yeah this is my family crest. everyone has it." this is the best part. he goes "yeah these crazy scars are from longboarding". no one asked about the scars. nor the tattoo. had to be there.
phil cooked me supper. i was stoked. he even made me ice tea.
anica has been sick. phil is gonna get it. i've already called not getting it.
gargoyle got his new phone today.
my lips are burn't and chapped.
tons of frost.
im doing tons of laundry. i can actually do it.
new doo.
5 boards fit. love