Thursday, October 2, 2008

its time kiffy.

man this was fun. gorgen snapped some pica's. i was soaked. along with others. step1. fill up trucks with snow. 
step2. show up late and shovel the snow out.
something about riding over ice hockey shavings. i put abit in my mouth not thinking about some duder loogy'ing on the ice. so i just ate a jocks loog.
courteosy of a 4 wheeler thing with no key . we enjoi'd music. ie. bloc party remix. and cut copy. surprisingly no girl talk.
phil has a dope yard. im sure people know that! 
Kate was chilling on a box with anica when i got there. aha i over heard "let the men do it".  22 means man!
that is love. 
someone brang do-nuts. i was stoked.
colin was also stoked. 
the setup was super fun. 
josh and zach must of been pissed. with the water on there park.
dere's dem do.nuts. 
I worked with jay today.
I called him every ginge kid combo i could think of. he was actually getting offended at the end of it. and he's not even a ginge,. 
gorgen ain't a ginge either.
till . 
then we gargled on the mini ramp.
girls fall to!
this is my best pick of the photos.
thats the ender. sorry for the bore kids. not the ginge . called not having a ginge!. love