Sunday, November 16, 2008

now and then.

For those of you that know me. i have tons of family. seems like every weekend is a birthday party. diner. thing. Im stoked about it tho. Kids flying around the house. screaming. fighting. laughing. all apart of life. kids are to funny. but yea. courtney my youngest sister turned 20. that seems old. so that makes me old. but i've been told i've aged well. not sure if it was sarcastic. but i just drank a tims coffee and am jacked. 
my sister enjoys puking. im not making fun of her. but she pukes in sinks. toilet. and when you drink rye and cokes. that stuff comes out black. i dunno. makes me sick thinking about it. And my writing is almost the egzact same as my dads. except for b's and e's.
im constantly trying to learn new things with my camera. people get pissed. keegans gone to calgary in two weeks or something. another name on the list for places to sleep free of charge. you know
I enjoy family coming over. a)they come over. b)there is always a good meal. c)in this case chinese. 
 missing julie and jay and the munchkins. 
who's ever birthday it is. they don't have a chance blowing out the candles. i don't remember being so stoked to blow those dangs this out. this is probably the best part of there night.
i pretended to bite the cake. this is part of the look i got.
I went snowboarding today to stony. they had a rail jam thing. so good. i fell at one point and screamed awkwardly girly mid air. steve broke his board. oh and i got snow in my ear and right nostrel. f i love winter. and i got a chocolate milk with a free pepperoni stick. you know
Went to keegans after. put my camera on the pool table. boris took advantage of that. so these nexties are bobo's. oh and his cat is a girl. and its named joseph. come on
jungle turd couldn't find the house. ended up half in a ditch. me kuzie and keegan goto get him out. cops are there. tell us to get back. all i see is kgod blowing into a breathalizerer. And the cops like blow harder! i thought he was done fore. anyway, notthing ended up happening. I ended up falling on my back cause the road was so icy. but wur all alive. 
jay can't eat: cheese.milk.wings.chips.crackers.steak.cookies.whitebread.cinnamonbuns. and pretty much everything else. and cassie. not literally but she can't eat those things either. they detox. 
keegan if your reading this i want that mini fridge. oh and i beet keegan two games in bowling tonite. he got 327 one game. people wur stoked. i was like uhhh. at least i got ping pong. speaking of. i beet him two games. he owes me 20. tried trading his clear dice bowling balls for the 20. no chance. im not gonna show up with these custom balls. and be throwing gutters. im already embarrassed enough.
jroc is killin it these days. he's related to joseph and gem. in a way.
stefano. if thats how you spell it. knows his computer shit. thank gosh.
im sitting here. check out my one chest hair. if you can find it. i don't get it. and yea. i don't know why only one grows. that shits heat. 

This Modern Love (Bloc Party cover) by Final Fantasy
check out this cover. for real . love zigone