Monday, January 26, 2009

glorp! Glide glope!

australian day. sore stomach day. cold out day. knotted hair day. molars hurting day. from floss day. monday.
some people are too rich. lets limo it to the hill.
i went shopping in squamish. this is what i came across. still cold. someone's favorite.

went to the bar. tons of people. expensive drinks. long lines. but good.
im craving domino's. gorg.
also craving mini ramp. with homies. and beer. and my lost fm transmitter.
i bought a bunch of perogies. and kd. and onions. made it all. burnt the perogies. filled the trailer with smoke. reburnt my burnt lips with hot sauce.
i hustled 2 free beers. the end of the night was probly the funniest moment. will snaking beers. and pitchers of what tasted like cleaning solution alcohol.
serious cinamon buns.
me and gorg laughed hard about this pic. i tried taking it un-noticed. it took like 4 tries from across the room to get these kids. and in the end the table next to us was like wtf. but kids gondolla there faces for fun.
mad chapp. mint blistex makes it 10 times worse.
its funny. when you eat at home. you take the end pieces of the bread for granted. I would never of done this at home. but here. its a must. heel sammys. all day. apparently its australian day. poeple go nuts for it. i was riding today. and see this dude. long hair. speedo. with a ausi flag around his neck bombing the hill. its fn freezing to. my fingers have never been so numb. that dude must be on something potent. and everyones wearing shorts and wigs. to much yellow and green. hopefully i survive this night. love