Friday, November 21, 2008

the red water panties.

watched borat again. he's pretty serious. also went out for nero's birthday. he didn't get as jungled as last year.  fn cold out today. i literally froze my fingers to a lock.  im to tired to type.
gaudet played 4 songs in a row. the thing is they wur all the same song. youd know it if you heard it.
tons of people ended up being there. it was packed. 
steve is growing his face out.
some people wur shitting there pants. phil.
chink self portrait. oh and today speaking of shit. i was in a house and there was like 10 little pugs running around this house. it smelt like piss. anyway i walked past this fresh piece of poo like 3 times then the one time im coming up the stairs i seen it smooshed. i check and didn't see anything on my shoes. so i goto get my shit signed and i smell shit. i thought the dude shit his pants. so i was grossed out. turns out i stepped in the shit. he smelt the shit. probly thought i shit my pants. when im thinking he shit his pants. but it was my shoe.
im actually lucky i didn't take off my shoes. that on a sock would suck. 
my lips are burning from this hot sauce. 
nero last year.
not as good this year. its this surprise party right now. im late. love