Saturday, May 2, 2009


i got my haircut yesterday. the lady at the desk asked me what i wanted done. i have never had a clue going into the hair dresser knowing what i want. so she says its gonna be a 20 minute wait. f. then a babe comes up and is like i can take him. obv. there was 10 grannies getting there hair done at the same time. my hair was longer than all of theirs. super awkward. i think they wur talking about me. anyway so the babe starts cutting my hair. she asks me if i cut my hair recently. im like no. apparently i have a patch of 2 inch hair on the back corner of my head that doesn't grow. and she gives me this weird look and says thats weird. thats the first time she's ever seen that. it must be my handsome level skyrocketing and draining all the juice that makes my hair grow. she laughed.

my liver is rejecting my body. love