Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ya big Carnavore.

Im in michigan again. The weather is better than winnipeg since i've been here but with my karma its nice in winnipeg now until i get home. anyway its saturday night and im bloggering. been super fun so far.
Thursday night we went and seen Mates of State. Super good show. 
me and the drummer jason had alot of awkwurd eye contact. thank goose he's married!
I wish me and her made more eye contact.!
Meghan and dana made some breakfast including wheat pantcakes and hashbrowns. 
I Stepped in on the making and made a half moon. something about the pan or something?
Went and watched a game vs. saginaw or something. Surprisingly not to cold out. 
I was standing beside some dude who thought i was from the paper. He kept telling me how much he hates this university. 
at one of the basketball games one of  the chicks from this university punched some chick in the face... he said he yelled at her for 5 minutes. I highly doudt it was 5...
hello abby. oh and when michigan scored. this dude jumped so high. and like kicked his legs up super weird. i can do a impression if you ask me.
some carndog parked his whip beside mine. tried taking away my heat.
oh at the concert they wur like so whats everyone studying? and some dude yelled "your mom". f i thought that was funny.
just watched day 2 of soccer. with phil josh and zach. to funny.
ketchup on the hoody results to a full hotdog throw. and back flips of the stands.
phils getting a chemical peel. i sold it to him. 
i fn suck at climbing trees. 
dana and meghan have a upstairs house. 
aha casual roof top shoot.
mymryk would disapprove of this work detail. fn kids man!
fake arms are the new in. eve trough it bro.
rarr for halloween. No broken wrists. no new clothing. 2 new videos. and a bag of gitch, and a work jacket. f yar. love