Friday, August 28, 2009

Diversion 1874.

Now signing contracts.

globotica. from streetsmokes on Vimeo.

more to come. love

Monday, August 24, 2009

looking for more coin.

where there's will. there is a way. sometimes.
garg. snapped his snapped deck early. kick front b. walked away unscathed. i would have probly broken a bone or something.
my pants dont stay up. they give me rashes on the back of my legs. it may just be to keep a steady breeze. or at least i tell myself that. may just get some hip implants.
gbot has a smooth style. possibly because he is 3rd in line for the robot surgery.
im sure everywhere in the city heard acdc saturday night. We peaced the rain clouds at sargent to take a closer look. my babes dropped me off in the old mustang. were working on getting some matching rims.
watched the show from outside the fence with all the other suckers.
beer store within walking distance is gold.
i ended up watching more of the crowd outside the thing than the show. a.because i could barely see. b.because people are cooked.
serious drunks dancing. they're the ones that should have been in there. alot of couples outside there which meant the dudes were rolling with cash on there mind. always a cheap date to snake outside a show and just listen. then the intimidation by my dangerous looks always ends with them kissing there babe on the top of the head. people camped out with chairs and blankets. popcorn. cigs. we had enough.
we pzd all the turds outside. and ninja'd our way in.
went to our box seats.
vern bought 6 tees. for the bar.
5.7 mil off tickets. shittt.
yee old ... from ctx.
that dude on the bottom right was grinding with some chick.
definitely some lip singing. maybe.
5 bones for the horns. bought a pair for this winter.
stage caught fire.
waited for about a hour in the car after this.
people have forgotten in this day how to walk on chairs.
end up at bekits. rest was a blurr. 5 min from home is always gold. love

Saturday, August 22, 2009

'40 bucks and we're taking pictures.'

wake up early today to goto work. get in some jungle apartment. 3 people sleeping on a air mattress in the living room. working around people sleeping is pretty funny. the dude woke up and looks at me confused. i gave a mild retard look. end up going back 4 hours later after they complained to mts that they're phone wasn't working. i demonstrated to them how to plug in a phone jack. f.
10 minutes.
jay got suckered for his cigs.
acdc is tonite. chicks are going that don't have a clue. im not going because i don't have a ticket. we'll see.
winnipeg won a game. south park season was on also.
everyone pzd to hotel burrows. we kept it chill and wii'd it.
i may be the worst video game golfer.
jays got shit on lock.
still rolling so low. looking for 3 more 4 bolt spares. may be a in the new mags soon enough. keeping it gutter.
countless hours spent here. desmerai and champagne are looking for you vegas. love

Thursday, August 20, 2009


On rainy days some are fortunate enough to skate phils mini. respect.

enjoi the rain. love

Monday, August 17, 2009

borg soldier. groan.

So last week. I was working in some house. As i was walking down the stairs. this kid about 5 years old jumps out when i get to the bottom and yells to scare me. i scream not by choice. thats the last thing u expect working. well me anyways. so my bag fell out of my hands. i can hear the mom laughing upstairs. i let him get away with it that time. he's lucky he didn't get a jump kick.. off topic. but tonite. i did my evening job. same thing walking into the basement and another kid does the same thing. different house. possibly same family. but this time there was about 10 people in the basement. speaking some language i obviously don't understand. and laughing. fuck. and there stupid cats name was benji and they kept yelling it. i spot the little girl boot the cat. interesting evening. i may just start telling work stories and what i run into everyday. you'll shit.
pre game was my parents driveway. waiting for a calm day to have a ping pong game outdoors. no roofs.
warm king cans on a hot night.
pbot transformed into starship navigation crew member 913zx. he's stoked.
rolling lower than before.
went to tavern. patio was pumping. jt is too much for me.
she claimed she was a model. i claimed i was a photographer.
went and seen cheetams little brothers band. there was a bunch of girls possibly groupies pretending to be stoked. always enjoi the crowd.
everyone was coated with the sweats.
step outside. 1.25 carlings.
girls running around with markers. never seen n8tiv pride signed. still trying to figure out whose hand that is.
the rock lost his jungle cool. busted wozes lip. crazed after that. also there a reward for my passport if found. love

Saturday, August 15, 2009

turd clouds. love

Thursday, August 13, 2009


to busy in the summer. work. bake. think. to much going on. people crying about weather. enjoi this heat. im taking notes for the winter when people are like i can't wait for summer.
long weekend I went to my cabin with all my family. not many photos because i may not know you.
lots of beer. people running. doors slamming. tables flipped. screaming. just kidding.
showing this to crime stoppers.
possibly this to.
the bubble gum water gun was a big deal.
creativity is key. i have said that before.
seatbelt ticket?
one thing missing in this.
3 birthdays tonite. shitttttttttt. love