Wednesday, July 7, 2010

bouh tong en eh mo

summer time and the livin's easy..except my texting is down.. well somewhat easy.. was broke for abit and still kinda am.. smokin mad cigs. mad hoots. way to many beers..blah blah blah. level 9 maturity.
happy birthday mom and dad and troy and abby and everyone elses birthday that has been this past month.
went to grand beach.. security is killing it.. i remember i got banned from grand beach for a year and i had these cats looking for me.. into the water and do the old switcheroo with the bathing suit. new hat. i was worried at the time.
this is the easy livin.
rivers still up.
not knowing people well and they're buying rounds is the best. 240 or something.
jay caught a master bangler.
put this in neros car.

the red river. the past two times i have gone fishing.. i setup the rod or whatever and get everything ready.. put the minnows on which is the worst part. anyway the top left of this picture there is a branch hanging.. first swing right in.. i was never meant to fish.
mcgee got his pernament bandaid.
and his first break up.
at the time of this picture 50 bones was huge.
gas could wait tho.
gaudets gourmet dinner.
mad yard work.
your boy is out.
graduation from preschool.
moving up to level 10 maturity in about a week. love