Saturday, January 31, 2009

stranded... for abit.

Yesterday we went shredding. 2 days ago phil got his sled back from getting its recalls done at the shop. we get home from riding. we end up ripping around on the sled on the yard we are staying at.

We end up deciding we would go for a rip down rutherford creek. its about 5 mins from pemby. there is a snowmobile groomed track that is about 35kms until you get into the open bowls.

anica.phil. and i end up squeezing onto phils sled. anica sat down. me and phil both stood up on the sides.

at one point we slowed down for a turn.i flew off. phil flew off. anica also flew off. the sled went into a little ditch. i would pay to see the replay.

we came across a little dam. we pulled over to explore. at this point it was raining. i had goggles so i was super good. we wur all soaked. and screwed around there for a little bit.

after about 20 minutes we keep heading down this trail. its about 4.30 at this point so we wur planning on heading back to the truck at about 5. a.because it would get dark. b.because we had no clue where we wur going.

so its about 5 and anica suggested we go back. we should have listened. but kept going a little bit further.

as wur going all of a sudden the sled shuts off. i thought phil had hitten the kill switch. but apparently it was worth than that. so wur stopped now. trying to figure this out. phil knows what hes doing with sleds. so im waiting for him to fix the problem. he's pulling and pulling. nothing. then i hear the dreaded words. "the engine blew". a. i was like that is f'd. b. what are we gonna do. c. theres mountain lions and stuff out here.

so wur trying to figure out what to do. we move the sled off the trail. we know no one is coming because the parking lot was empty when we pulled in so the chances of someone coming from that direction was slim. first thing i think of what most would do is pull out your phone. no service. f'd. me and anica had the only phones and both had no service. wur screwed.

it was 5.15 when i tried calling 911. i thought for some reason you get service no matter what when you call the police. apparently not. so we start to walk.

its funny when your in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains. the sun is going down. the first thing you think of is cougars or wolves. I did the wrong thing and mentioned it. phil automatically jumped in the bush trying to find some weapons. i actually laugh now. because he came out with 3 little sticks. honestly the biggest one was like a foot long. it would have done nothing but it was a good attempt to use them as a sword or something.

so wur walking in all our snowboard sh#t and im constantly looking at my phone for when it would get a signal. half an hour seemed like a year. then it turned into an hour. by then we wur all tired. sweating. and wet from rain. it was like out of a movie. dark. wandering down a trail in the mountains. getting cold. no contact with no one. shit was heat.

the scariest part was. wur all walking. i kept hearing dogs barking which sounded not far. i was jonzing thinking wolves. i don't think they heard it but it scared the sh*t out of me. its funny when your in that scenario you always think of worse case scenario. I decided to put my goggles over my throat incase a cougar attacked me. cause i think they go for the neck or throat? anyway i had that covered. after 2 hours of walking we came upto the dam we had stopped at in the beginning. we wur super cashed. decided to stop and chill for abit. whats crazy is how my phone had a signal when i sat on the ground. it was insane. i would stand up or walk a little bit. nothing. but this one little area it worked. call the police. they transfer us to search and rescue. the guy tells us it can be a couple hours. and to build a fire or hut..

phil makes a makeshift fort. apparently a half igloo. we all get in. and begin to freeze. well at least i did. phil and anica wur warm. we made jokes. the fort placement was terrible. my spot had a rock digging into me as a backrest..

another couple hours go by. its about 9.30 and still no one there. my phone had died. anica had no signal the hole time. we freaked out. at one point we all did the robot. i can't tell this story. my mind is everywhere.

at about 10.30 search and rescue came. it was like seeing heaven. but they wur headlights of sleds. we made it out. felt like idiots. that is my story. ask me sometime in person and i'll make it better. love