Friday, January 2, 2009

36 hours of hell. not really tho

I am here alive. the drive was longer than anyone would want to spend in a car. i left with somewhat short notice. the smell was brutal. my hair. greasy. missing bags. car bagging. going 60 up steep hills. you know.  the yuge. 
my car was packed to the brim. gargoyle decided to bring about 40 2l bottles of pop. and bags of chicken wings. he's actually still living off those wings to this minute.
i havent had internet in like a week. it felt kind of good. but now i have signal at the trailer wur staying in. i also ditched this tomato because tomatos are gross. 
the roads wur super sketchy. tons of snow. steep drops to the right. it was a good time. 
my car actually made it to whistler. 26 hours of driving in total. wipers wur sucking. this was gorgs view most of the ride. oh and i got a headlight ticket. keegan owes me. i know your reading this.
we took many wrong turns. this one took us into the clouds. the drive is worth if for the views you get alone of the scenery. 
stopped by kates. mansion. she had tiny oranges.
we are staying in the middle of buttf@ck nowhere. but its super peaceful. i may be a bush man.
I've tooken over the wood man position. i chop wood and this random kitty always rolls up. its purrs tons. its back hair has a bunch of tangles tho. oh and i need a haircut. its gettin tangly.
this is our joint. im stoked on the wood stove. i got a room with no door. but i got a old mattress to use as a door. phil has a door. im pissed. 
the dude wur renting from has 40 acres of land. it had been snowing for awhile. today was finally sunny. i didnt take out my camera tho. i havent' been doing much since i got here. ride all day. come home. eat. sleep. then do it all over again. 
this is my room. the air mattress is shit. i wake up all hours pumping it up. i need shelving. ive been slacking on the posts due to no connection. but ill be back. take care. love