Wednesday, April 29, 2009

get down.

the 1999 ford escort wagon. gti. 2 wheel drive. powerlocks and mirrors. no electrical except for the radio and one headlight. all u need. made it to calgary. 60 bones for gas. plane ticket would have been 180. total savings. 120. still handsome. 

drive 14 hours in 4 hours. love

Monday, April 27, 2009

pz to xbox.

drive 12 hours in 3 hours. love

Saturday, April 25, 2009


i find this really funny. not the moving part but the no ur not.
as nice as this dog looks. we get home last night at 3. lights are off in our place and the door wide open. i was the first to walk in. I threw one of the hardest kicks i think i have ever thrown when i came in the door. reasons. a)possible bear encounter. b)possible burglar. c)whatever it was they wouldn't of seen it coming. i probly would have broke my leg if i actually came into contact with something. thats how hard it was. anyway. it turned out to be the dog. it was hiding in anica and phils room. it pissed all over there socks. and knocked over the garbage. to good. love


yesterday phil took my camera sledding. i missed alot of pictures. rode down to metric playing the telus festival. it was packed. will was drinking free beer the whole afternoon. after metric's show. there was a mini ramp contest. danny kass ended up winning due to the crowd knowing his name and cheering. what else. i LOCKED eyes with emily haines. she is a babe.
seen the classified show last night as well. it inspired me to make music. made a song this morning. i will email it to anyone that wants it. love

Thursday, April 23, 2009

greater enjoyment.

icy. errands. skate. fall off bike. energy drinks melt concrete.
new tv and pleather couch.
went to a art show. when i get a house you may see artwork like this. not children friendly. this reminds me of coffee ana turd.
i have started trying to draw. i have also given up.
i need a bike.
im sick of monster drinks.
200 bones.
the stuff that gives you antlers.
pemberton does not have a working printer.
anica is obsessed with grand theft auto. she kills everyone in it. she has a scooter in gimli. so she stole one in the game to pretend she's in gimli. she just killed another dude claiming it was for his camera.
my mom complimented my beard. she said its trimmed well. but thats just how it doesn't grow.
tofino bc. theres a bet saying I can't surf. the funny thing is i can hold my breath underwater for like 2 minutes.
phil is sending his ipod back. he decided to make a custom package for them.
he wrote this on both sides. wow. love

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


right-handed people live. on an average. live nine years longer than left-handed people. on the other hand. polar bears are left-handed. unite.

just read the comments. love

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

souffle de chat

"well the circus is leaving next week so i'll be on the road. they are hiring still you should apply for the position of the bearded turd nugget". wow
i may attempt to learn french.
hitch hiking at 1. no cars. walk about 3k. waiting at these lights. see a big bear eating garbage. matt starts calling it over. i forget where it is in this pic but i think its by that white pole. i don't care how "chill" the bears are. they're hungry.
can you eat a cheese smokie if it had like a fingerprint of mold. but you cut it off and washed the smokie.
killin it.
sunny days. perogies. donnies. one hitters. beers. moguls. slush. love