Monday, February 23, 2009

this cat has teeth.

monday again. everyone probly bummed the week is starting. on the other hand it snowed 30 cms lastnight. which isn't alot. but right now it seems massive for snow in whistler. went and found snow. insane snow in some spots. hip deep. realized how shitty my board is in deep snow. saw one of those skiiers that don't have the heels locked in eat shit. i laughed. which automatically gives me bad karma. 
last night shmoke and a pancake existed. i was in aw.
coffee ana gitch pulled from my phone album.  you can see the steam lines coming from him. 
so we find these cliffs. well rocks. i decide to go another way. find myself in a sketchy situation. phil.marc.tinsley.and brent are at the bottom of this face. im trying to find a line to go down. when i see cracks starting in the snow. i move slowly. they get bigger. they're yelling at me from the bottom to keep going right cause theres a bunch of rocks below. im trying not to trigger this slide thats gonna sweep me with it down onto them. i wish i had a camera. but i made it out. the whole time i thought i was done because i had laughed at that skier earlier. 
turns out my karma reward is severe grandpa hand. no one can beat this. 6 hours of a soaking sock glove. nacho platters and beers after. a cast hand can't throw darts. hot tub to help my back. love