Friday, February 12, 2010

obama weed.

part two. phil comes up.
we somehow made our way to stanley park..
became one with the trees.
christened the deck with its ancestors.
reproduced trees.
the aquarium was sick.
where they had slave dolphins working for tuna. but it was still good.
the whales were stoked in there
the sea walk has two lanes.
we got in the way.
streets are leaking oil.
4 dead dolphins.
i lost my phone this night. you can tell by the look on my face it wasn't a sober night
i put these on in the wrong order.
but you get the point.
seagulls may be most stealth in city. they got there backlane hustle down.
window gone for 10 bucks in change.
stolen native land?
hollyburn worldwide.
this chick got us into some high class 25bone cover bar.
phil chugged jim bean and didn't get kicked out.
amanda nero?
this is a scene from a true story feature film. Im in the extras special feature on the dvd. check me out yo.