Sunday, January 11, 2009


parkades are cold.  we are currently skating and drinking a beer. i lost in skate. my getup is long johns with my hoody tucked in. thats pretty much why i lost. 
if you have an "iphone". get the game ibowl. and beat my score. im ranked 14000th in the world. 
phil graffiti'd the gondola window. he's mentally specail. but has nice teeth.
phil and anica cuddle soo hard in the gondola. we wur stalled for 20 minutes in the thing. i contemplated suicide while phil and anica made out.
my feet haven't been stinking. 
everyday my board gets worse and worse. i caught a edge going mach speed. 

aftermath. wur out. time for pineapple express. phil keeps calling me bren. oh and my car's heat doesn't work no more. so i have to leave the window open as a defog. so.  a.its colder inside the car than outside. feet freeze. still handsome. someone fix my car. love