Monday, July 13, 2009

all up in my eyes.

pzd. to jays cabin to build a deck this weekend.
no blueprints. stack of wood.
no firewood.
good nights.
i don't think woze knew there was a deck build until he came out.
30 sec. trip. improvise.
i can't remember what was bbq'd. i just know i still have mustard on my jeans.
i watched this ash fall from about 6 feet. almost.
alcohol makes you think of things to do you would not do on average nights.
possibly some blaze involved.
"it feels so much better on the cold grass".
100 years new.
claimed he was gonna crash all night out there. no chance.
2010 ezcortt cust. painted.
cust. paint job going on the hood.
woze handed me his smoke just before this race.. bragging rights.
late swim. or push in.
male dogs don't like me. i don't care.
almost finished. serious hustling. danka to dr.pang. love