Thursday, January 28, 2010


back from honggouver. no phone. bucked window. bought boxers on the way and found out when i got home they were size xl. so now im rolling gangster underneath my pants aswell.
a couple weekends ago we went to kamloops. 6 am was the earliest we had woken up all winter. pancakes are key.
british columbia is beautiful.literally.
l-r assembly .clay. trevan. brent. philip. keegan
my car hates this road.
new truck with all the essentials.
gorgen took the rains.
debated if wild horses actually exist.
farmed horse.
stopped in meager creek and stopped by this rail. those guys had already hit it awhile ago. easy set up.
ended up spending the afternoon here.
stayed at the knight inn. Our hotel doubled as a apartment. kids were screaming in the halls at one point. Also a long conversation with the owner. She moved there from van because school was better for her kids.

first time using a bungee.
it does take teamwork.
went on a mission to boston pizza. ended up staying there till close which we didn't want to happen. Some homeless dude got tossed through a window across the street. im still trying to find the video from it. that may be next.
at the last spot we went we met a random. i wanna say homeless but you could call him a excrackhead/alcoholic. I haven't seen someone so amazed at what was going on. I have to start editing.

memorial hill man. i think im back. love