Sunday, April 5, 2009


its sunday. im driving josh and dylan to vancouver tomorrow for there overdue plane rides home. they wur gonna pay greyhound 50 bones each for the ride. then i masterminded a plan to make 100 bones and take them myself. is that bad karma? cause they'd have more fun with me than greyhound.
front 3 near death.
the reactions.
phil somehow found the spot. fb.
i am bad with names. but thats the dude that owned the truck.
fridge busted yesterday. sour cream ruined.
my boots smell worse than our garbage can.
"that was enreeky englasiass" new term for when someone fanny burps.
dylan and josh must be related to steve craveiro.
dylans headphones are worth more than my car. get paid.
i have a spider bite on my foot.
i just thought of another idea. if i goto the greyhound bus loop tomorrow and try to get someone else in the car. there is potential of 100+ bones.
and possibly a lunch out of the deal aswell.
thinking about it. can make you money.
calgary for a week.

flying birds down south.
my face is burnt.
apparently this diaper just appeared out of thin air.
phil has been nuking through his diaper supply.
my computer has 2% battery left. hope you enjoi'd the pointless facts. westjet has kill deals on right now. love