Sunday, September 28, 2008

thursday was thirsty. or thundery

another couple thursday photo's. its sunday i know. i got back from my cabin. i can't talk.
haven't seen these bdoys in awhile. i had this same pair in grade 4 i think?. same year 3 ninja's came out. emily was a babe
last thursday at 808 somthing? or 800. everytime we taxi there no one knows the address.. im trying to think of it. i know its off fn canora street. but yea good times here.
gurry thought he's have a little goodbye party with the stove. jammed it full of plastic bags. bout to crank it on. then he got busted. i don't even know wat would have happened. 
i have to stop wearing tookes. i think its touque? they're both underlined 
vandal's mean machine. 
these are martins tires. no grip on purpose. martin you can't ride this thing in the rain can you?
I felt left out because i didn't get the shirt. one day.
est. 2:30 am. i was allowed to take this whip for a ride. took er over to the fire parking lot. first time on something like it. we got a demo from martin and vandal. they got it down. love