Wednesday, November 26, 2008

disney turds.

a quick little story. my mom works nights. and she works with like cheques or something. like depositing them. anyway theres a bunch of different station. and theres a bunch of ladies.  anyways one day my mom went and got more paper for her machine thing. she ended up grabbing more than one for later i geuss. and this lady says to my mom. "don't you know your only supposed to grab one at a time?". my mom says "what are you the paper police.".. aha it may just be funny to me. but yea/ 
steve had a jungle bday. i don't even think he rode the mini ramp. we had a cake. no milk. and i've lost all my tricks.
vern's toes are unlike most. his 3rd toe is longer than his big toe. i have messed up toes to. but ive never seen a 3rd'r bigg'r than a 1st'r bro.  love