Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm watching house of wax right now. its honestly surprisingly scary. and when that chick gets her finger cut off when she's in the basement thing sticking her finger through that grill thing. that would kill. But the other night we set up again. 
its super good now. because. a)snow doesn't melt. b)you don't get wet. c)kinda sucks cause your hands get cold. and upper bod. 
everyone left. me and colin rode the last of it. he kills it. and gorgen filmed!
gorgen was on the forks of the bobcat getting a upper view for filming. he froze. and got grease on his gloves.
16 ft of this somehow fit into a jimmy. obv!
tube jokes wur made. (youtube, falopian tube, tube, ) ie. anything with tube in it.
lastnight was corn dogs birthday! and alanna's. and korins.
beers and wings.  thats upping the chance of a heart attack by 2. you gotta stay healthy. 
eat spicy wings. it cleans out your stomach.
someone decided to clean out there stomach on the seat/bowl. thats brutal. tuesday night. someone probably went for dinner with there girlfriend and was like i gotta use the bathroom. went and did that. came back acting like nothing happened. aha picture it.
woze had quite the running on the vlts. he had a cheering section chanting. oh and this chick from the movie is doing things like normal after she got her finger cut off. honestly. 
dedicated to joseph and gemini. the two ugliest pets one could ask for! love

Monday, October 27, 2008

low of -6 tonite.

Im super busy and lazy at the same time. cameras full of pictures. weather is getting colder and i don't mind it at all. "its like the sun and the moon". My time is winter. Sucks when you get ear aches or hemroids but you know. its a package deal. wind burns. snow burns. frozen feet. that feeling when you wash your hands after they have been frozen. hair being frozen. eyelashes freezing together! shoveling. shoveling out stuck cars. facewashes. peeing your name!. cant wait. obv
we love graff. but we crush toyz. boi
couple doozie shots with a couple local riders.
stoked to see parked whips outside. 
and polaroids in spokes! i don't get how it stays in there. obv couldn't get to speeds like i get to but. next summer is racing season. 
i look at this picture and gargoyles come mind. honestly. and never watch "instant star" on mtv2. i feel bad for myself. 
i stashed into silverado's. steve was there. i felt like i was at the carnival christmas party. Ye old was there. 
i hide but kevin doesn't! serious. 
time to go shovel. 
i hate shoveling! love

Thursday, October 23, 2008

annual day of birth.

Two birthdays on one day. Some would say coincedence. i say mistaken judgement. Reid and keegan have lived another year.  We celebrate the fact they both came out of a womb so many years ago on the same day. but a year apart. ? still. same day. 
Kyle is going out for halloween as something. I'm not gonna spoil it.
Ryan does not know how to drive. He was tailing someone. well i geuss they stopped at a train track and i overheard someone say "they're not driving a F'n bus". Then we passed them and the dudes chick gave us the finger. the moto was. (arrive alive)
vodka with a splash of sourpuss. makes your throat close. 
they're throats wur cranked open. When are people gonna start getting married! 
Speak of the devil. Dale and Daniel came out to support these birthdays. Well keegans but kuzie knows reid. so kinda both. Its a shock to see him when there is no snow around..
Who would put there name on a social tickets.
this devil.. I may goto the social. Mainly for the "juicy prize"
my one eye is shut. and i wasn't even drunk. reids eye is jungled. i have terrible posture. but f'n dangerous features!
flex and gel bro.
courtney pappi'ing. 
the waitress was pissed. we had to many tables stacked around. and she looked annoyed.
it didn't start till wozy got there. 
the love stare. 
the love kissss..
reid faked like he was sick and gonna throw up. people are rubbing his back. "are you ok buddy" was said. "are you gonna be alright good friend". tons of gayness was thrown out. then  reid lifts his head and yells " Come on ya MUTHA FU@KERS!" love

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omen II is on tv.

I am in winnipeg now. the drive was too long. To many stories. too many sore muscles. well i got tons of muscle. so here are a few pictures from marquette and my drive home.
This is the best. no one looking. everyones looking a different direction. 
it was mega's last home game. senior day. he fam drove out saturday and left sunday. to much driving.
watching the game with mega's brothers was to good. they wur fighting. swearing. I pretended i wasn't with them. phils good to joke with. "Go number 11". 
cool flip.
"aren't her boobs supposed to be closer together?" 
So im on the drive home. Mega gave me some organic carrots. a box of pepsi? golden grahams. and a banana. I get about 2 hours in and i start getting kinda hungry. I reach for there carrots. Honestly 1 out of 5 carrots wur deformed. like. 2 carrots growing out of 1. cracked? greeen. honestly i don't know what kind of fertilizer or stuff they put in there. but it aint good.
Not to brag. but i drove the whole way there without any heat! it was so easy. but the ride home i had to turn it on a little. Oh and I talked my way out of a speeding ticket. and didn't get stopped at the boarder. must be that new gel i bought bro.
I take alot of stupid pictures when bored. but i went from grand forks to my house on a quarter tank. 228 km. and i picked up a hitch hiker. well not a hitchhiker but some old lady who ran out of gas. I think that gave me the karma to get away on the speeding ticket.
Duluth sucks. Its nice but to much concrete. and confusing roads and turnoffs. I received one of the ugliest faces ever. i had to cut off this lady to get on the bride thing. she rolled up and like halloween faced me. I smiled. She sped away. but i gotta work now. love

Sunday, October 19, 2008


quick update on my hair status. It must be this usa climate because i have a huge tangle. some would say cut it out. some would say leave. i did neither. S slaved at it for like 20 minutes. 
i thought it was seriously one chunk of knot. 
it was 2. and then all over. but its all out now. you can all goto bed tonight feeling better. love

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ya big Carnavore.

Im in michigan again. The weather is better than winnipeg since i've been here but with my karma its nice in winnipeg now until i get home. anyway its saturday night and im bloggering. been super fun so far.
Thursday night we went and seen Mates of State. Super good show. 
me and the drummer jason had alot of awkwurd eye contact. thank goose he's married!
I wish me and her made more eye contact.!
Meghan and dana made some breakfast including wheat pantcakes and hashbrowns. 
I Stepped in on the making and made a half moon. something about the pan or something?
Went and watched a game vs. saginaw or something. Surprisingly not to cold out. 
I was standing beside some dude who thought i was from the paper. He kept telling me how much he hates this university. 
at one of the basketball games one of  the chicks from this university punched some chick in the face... he said he yelled at her for 5 minutes. I highly doudt it was 5...
hello abby. oh and when michigan scored. this dude jumped so high. and like kicked his legs up super weird. i can do a impression if you ask me.
some carndog parked his whip beside mine. tried taking away my heat.
oh at the concert they wur like so whats everyone studying? and some dude yelled "your mom". f i thought that was funny.
just watched day 2 of soccer. with phil josh and zach. to funny.
ketchup on the hoody results to a full hotdog throw. and back flips of the stands.
phils getting a chemical peel. i sold it to him. 
i fn suck at climbing trees. 
dana and meghan have a upstairs house. 
aha casual roof top shoot.
mymryk would disapprove of this work detail. fn kids man!
fake arms are the new in. eve trough it bro.
rarr for halloween. No broken wrists. no new clothing. 2 new videos. and a bag of gitch, and a work jacket. f yar. love