Monday, October 27, 2008

low of -6 tonite.

Im super busy and lazy at the same time. cameras full of pictures. weather is getting colder and i don't mind it at all. "its like the sun and the moon". My time is winter. Sucks when you get ear aches or hemroids but you know. its a package deal. wind burns. snow burns. frozen feet. that feeling when you wash your hands after they have been frozen. hair being frozen. eyelashes freezing together! shoveling. shoveling out stuck cars. facewashes. peeing your name!. cant wait. obv
we love graff. but we crush toyz. boi
couple doozie shots with a couple local riders.
stoked to see parked whips outside. 
and polaroids in spokes! i don't get how it stays in there. obv couldn't get to speeds like i get to but. next summer is racing season. 
i look at this picture and gargoyles come mind. honestly. and never watch "instant star" on mtv2. i feel bad for myself. 
i stashed into silverado's. steve was there. i felt like i was at the carnival christmas party. Ye old was there. 
i hide but kevin doesn't! serious. 
time to go shovel. 
i hate shoveling! love

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