Thursday, October 23, 2008

annual day of birth.

Two birthdays on one day. Some would say coincedence. i say mistaken judgement. Reid and keegan have lived another year.  We celebrate the fact they both came out of a womb so many years ago on the same day. but a year apart. ? still. same day. 
Kyle is going out for halloween as something. I'm not gonna spoil it.
Ryan does not know how to drive. He was tailing someone. well i geuss they stopped at a train track and i overheard someone say "they're not driving a F'n bus". Then we passed them and the dudes chick gave us the finger. the moto was. (arrive alive)
vodka with a splash of sourpuss. makes your throat close. 
they're throats wur cranked open. When are people gonna start getting married! 
Speak of the devil. Dale and Daniel came out to support these birthdays. Well keegans but kuzie knows reid. so kinda both. Its a shock to see him when there is no snow around..
Who would put there name on a social tickets.
this devil.. I may goto the social. Mainly for the "juicy prize"
my one eye is shut. and i wasn't even drunk. reids eye is jungled. i have terrible posture. but f'n dangerous features!
flex and gel bro.
courtney pappi'ing. 
the waitress was pissed. we had to many tables stacked around. and she looked annoyed.
it didn't start till wozy got there. 
the love stare. 
the love kissss..
reid faked like he was sick and gonna throw up. people are rubbing his back. "are you ok buddy" was said. "are you gonna be alright good friend". tons of gayness was thrown out. then  reid lifts his head and yells " Come on ya MUTHA FU@KERS!" love

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