Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omen II is on tv.

I am in winnipeg now. the drive was too long. To many stories. too many sore muscles. well i got tons of muscle. so here are a few pictures from marquette and my drive home.
This is the best. no one looking. everyones looking a different direction. 
it was mega's last home game. senior day. he fam drove out saturday and left sunday. to much driving.
watching the game with mega's brothers was to good. they wur fighting. swearing. I pretended i wasn't with them. phils good to joke with. "Go number 11". 
cool flip.
"aren't her boobs supposed to be closer together?" 
So im on the drive home. Mega gave me some organic carrots. a box of pepsi? golden grahams. and a banana. I get about 2 hours in and i start getting kinda hungry. I reach for there carrots. Honestly 1 out of 5 carrots wur deformed. like. 2 carrots growing out of 1. cracked? greeen. honestly i don't know what kind of fertilizer or stuff they put in there. but it aint good.
Not to brag. but i drove the whole way there without any heat! it was so easy. but the ride home i had to turn it on a little. Oh and I talked my way out of a speeding ticket. and didn't get stopped at the boarder. must be that new gel i bought bro.
I take alot of stupid pictures when bored. but i went from grand forks to my house on a quarter tank. 228 km. and i picked up a hitch hiker. well not a hitchhiker but some old lady who ran out of gas. I think that gave me the karma to get away on the speeding ticket.
Duluth sucks. Its nice but to much concrete. and confusing roads and turnoffs. I received one of the ugliest faces ever. i had to cut off this lady to get on the bride thing. she rolled up and like halloween faced me. I smiled. She sped away. but i gotta work now. love

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