Friday, December 4, 2009


Major slack on this so called blog. 2 posts in november is pretty good.
a few months back i went to troys bachelor party. it was about a 2 hour drive to the narrows. if you have never been there i suggest you take your family and possibly even consider getting married there. There is a great local bar where you can go to fight or even just park your car infront of the rental cabins and get them smashed up. great place tho.
all the years i have known joey. the dude on the left he has never drank. no booze. always out having a good time. till his buddy troys bachelor party. one of many funnels of coolers?
beamon mon.
fact. troy took 4 dumps before 10:00 am while one his honeymoon in jamaica
steve had the record for fastest funnel. also arm wrestle champ. i'm looking to manage new athletes. Have to start trying to spell correctly first tho.
pro work crew.
tuesday lesbian show.
the yankes pulled through.
ghosts are real.
triple caught.
keegan buys a new vehicle. i offered him the 1999 ford escort but he went for the infinity.
wood grain sealed the deal.
i waste food. purely due to the fact that it is a buffet.
hit and run.
haircut mid-afternoon. she offered to cut mine aswell.
20 something days.
random pictures. no new post for 3-4 weeks. love