Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm watching house of wax right now. its honestly surprisingly scary. and when that chick gets her finger cut off when she's in the basement thing sticking her finger through that grill thing. that would kill. But the other night we set up again. 
its super good now. because. a)snow doesn't melt. b)you don't get wet. c)kinda sucks cause your hands get cold. and upper bod. 
everyone left. me and colin rode the last of it. he kills it. and gorgen filmed!
gorgen was on the forks of the bobcat getting a upper view for filming. he froze. and got grease on his gloves.
16 ft of this somehow fit into a jimmy. obv!
tube jokes wur made. (youtube, falopian tube, tube, ) ie. anything with tube in it.
lastnight was corn dogs birthday! and alanna's. and korins.
beers and wings.  thats upping the chance of a heart attack by 2. you gotta stay healthy. 
eat spicy wings. it cleans out your stomach.
someone decided to clean out there stomach on the seat/bowl. thats brutal. tuesday night. someone probably went for dinner with there girlfriend and was like i gotta use the bathroom. went and did that. came back acting like nothing happened. aha picture it.
woze had quite the running on the vlts. he had a cheering section chanting. oh and this chick from the movie is doing things like normal after she got her finger cut off. honestly. 
dedicated to joseph and gemini. the two ugliest pets one could ask for! love