Monday, May 18, 2009

just bla...

marc was scheduled for surgery at 10.30 am. i barely woke up.
8am i have to drive.
matt came for a ride.
gargoyle was physically with us.
passed this streetbiker going 100.
passed this guy going 90.
zombie'd around the hospital.
try to find somewhere to skate. this yard was perfect. dude in the window ducked when we stopped for a photo.
found a park.
healthy snack. 2pm. still no surgery taking place. go for a ride to meet up with the bandit.lots of nice expensive rides. no smiles tho.
olsen twins.
met up with coffee for a beer at his place.
his balcony sits above a good backlane. always entertainment. this crew doing something illegal.
babes walk through with no concern.
hustling cans. 10cents each. a
this guy got nuked with a can.
later was grateful and thanked us.
turd later led us to taco del mar.
cracked lips and hot sauce is death. but good taco's.
proms a big thing.
vallet returned my whip in one piece.
come back and find more can pandas.
that one can blew on impact. and he's stoked. i wasn't allowed to take photos in the interior of the condo.
turds eye view.
say goodbye to nugent.
drive back to the hospital.
security tells us f all and won't let us go upstairs. they actually think they're 15 bones an hour makes them doctors.
and then proceed to watch youtube videos on the dudes iphone. we snaked in later. too much computer for me. love