Monday, February 16, 2009

spicey licey hair.

whistlerblackcombs website lies. they said it was -14. get up top. sunny. maybe -8. film. slash. knuckle a nice table. learnt 3 new tricks. my same finger with the hole in the glove almost froze off again. that must be a sign to get new gloves. how far is christmas?
the other night. fireworks were going off by our trailer. its always quiet so we were hoping it was a gun shoot out. turned out some winter festival opener. the dog that hangs out around here got so scared. while i took a picture he came to chill. anica ends up taking him inside. the rest is history.
i posted this a while back. i was amazed at how much muscle this pup had. reminded me of grand beach.
i named the stray buddy. he had decent muscle aswell. but would still get tuned by the other dog.
he was soo scared. like shaking and crying scared. 

woof from streetsmokes on Vimeo.
i thought i would cheer him up with some cheese wiz. later i fed him 6 pieces of bread. and some water. i tried taking him outside but he looked so sad. so i let him chill.i goto bed.
wake upto this. the funny thing is. he came to my room crying at like 4am. i actually got up. tried letting him out. he didn't wanna go. it was freezing. getting back to sleep sucked. he got the last laugh this time. you be nice and get shit on. literally. love