Friday, March 18, 2011


Today I let go of one of my best friends. My 1999 ford escort wagon with electric locks only from the outside. Her final reading was 225619km.. I cant believe im dedicating a post to it but I actually feel like it deserves it, even tho the heat had stopped working,the interior lights didn't work,no taillights,complete electrical failure,ebrake would get stuck when pulled,brakes were a little conky at times,the rear defrost never seemed to work,one headlight,when it rained the wipers would always wipe water into the the drivers side window when the blades were actually working,the floor had a hole through it from a tire change mishap,hole at halfway in the gastank,exhaust sounded custom but was really just hanging on,I wouldn't have been alot of places without you. You will be missed. love streetsmokes.