Thursday, May 20, 2010

5.25 vegas

sunday afternoon.. beautiful day.
this was our canoe trip..
beers always cold.
this may have been after the first spill.
busch gets last picture.
before phil left ceasars were an afternoon must.
i thought for a second this dude was gonna land on the lines.. but he pulled around.
no hands is key to drinking a ceasar.
they're coming.
parking at tapleys.

went to vancouver with will to meet up with boutet and megan.
ultimate cotts at the fairmont.. the box spring wrecked my neck and back.
they waited for a ride.
we skated.

this guy.
this bank is always wet.. there has to be some kind of trick?
sea walk to stanley park.

inches away.
meeso hungrry.
new rolex.
hands are done for modeling.
we got bathrobes.
pz suckas.