Monday, March 30, 2009


i have been using my phone for alot of random pictures lately. apparently there is two dogs stuck together. siamese. around mt. curry
safety always off.
our electrical bill came. 470 bones.
almost as good. for sale in the village. 3 bones ea.
i bought apples mom.
suck it. smolder
new bowls.
if you haven't seen grizzly man. i have watched it 3 times. you can see a screenshot of tim swimming with a grizzly. or not really. blazed. love

bring em out.

i just got shot by one of those guns in the bathroom. someone is going to die. we have 2 special people staying with us now. josh and dylan. they may be almost as mental as steve. and i just downloaded the old grey album. its almost new again.
went to the skatepark. fun setup.
i don't think.
first go.

dylan got a press.
tinsleys last weekend.
"fred". gorgen knows him. is fn slacking
tinsleys last night out. phil and anica joined in.
someone snagged 2 redbulls.
tinsley knows this chick. marc likes this chick. will with this chick.
the tpro chant.
5.25. will you owe me 4 bux.
tinsley has bounced back to the uk. he was rad. gonna miss him. until next time. i burnt my waffles. love

Saturday, March 28, 2009

13 turd stains.

anica dreamt she got pregnant. and gave birth on the mountain. and i sealed the last hole in my bed. actually two holes. someone stabbed it before they went home.
MINT new tire.
steel balls is usually good luck.
thought i would go up for a few runs and take pictures.
i took this picture thinking it would be funny. I ended up toonie tuesdaying my shoulder again.
i did laps of slashing slush. not on any ski'rs.
ender ender. burrito bro. the salsa was fake. just cut up tomatoes. scratch that. love

Thursday, March 26, 2009

shake the shay.

thursday morning. im out of milk. had the worst pullout couch sleep. hot sun wakeup. dry cotton mouth. went and got an ice cube to cure that. it tasted like blood.
marc is movin into the pad. i made him buy this before he can move in.
also 3 of these suckers for 10 bones.
emerald is no more as of april 1st. there were tears. but i won 10 bones in poker.
we decide the day of to check out the show. of course its sold out. 3 days earlier wur standing in billabong contemplating buying the tickets. it was 35 bones each. nah dude. so now were standing at the door at 9. waiting to buy tickets. 45 bones at the door. i think im a natural hustler. i get in for free. marc and will are pissed. after i bought a couple drinks we were all on even terms again.
griff with the rude boys 20th anniversary shirt.
people were going crazy. i was getting pushed everyway. i think a chick elbowed me in the back. so good.
my freshly washed jeans are going back in the wash.
this dude or chick has worse tangles than me. love

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dan Grapko

A good homie i grew up with is playing at shannons this friday in winnipeg. if you get a chance check out the show. this is one of the bands he's in. i think his opener with the hair is dope.

easily the best musician i know. he has tons of different projects. produces. he does it all. anything from metal to acoustic. love

training gitch.

staying inside all day is brutal. video games and internet after 3 hours makes you sick. phil and anica's brothers are coming to stay here for a week or something. my handsomeness level is extremely high right now.
"oye. i think me got gang green". grandpa
went to tapleys after. i zombied around. played darts.
will made this nacho platter. my stomach is now feeling it.
for all you adults with diaper rash. i feel you. love

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

wat the chop sticks.

i know you have already seen this. if not this will possibly make you laugh. the duders face after his tricks.

hottub in rain. love

Monday, March 23, 2009


monday night. currently learning how to download anything. new big bag. sitting at home is fun.
went to sqwaumish yesterday.
everyones broke off.
turned a donny into a real donny.
dropped my tire off to get fixed.
87 bones later.
marcs purpose for going there was to buy supplies to make a bean bag.
they had no such supplies.
this is the new greeting.
im downloading dazed and confused. keegan i'll sell you any program in payments of kd boxes.
i just talked to the beamans on skype. i got rarr'd at. good seeing's.
steve requested lady gaga. his shit.
everyone was done.
booze does not heal injuries.
"ya buddy"
french lyrics
vision was barely there by the end of the night.
something happened? i cant remember. alaska? love