Thursday, March 26, 2009

shake the shay.

thursday morning. im out of milk. had the worst pullout couch sleep. hot sun wakeup. dry cotton mouth. went and got an ice cube to cure that. it tasted like blood.
marc is movin into the pad. i made him buy this before he can move in.
also 3 of these suckers for 10 bones.
emerald is no more as of april 1st. there were tears. but i won 10 bones in poker.
we decide the day of to check out the show. of course its sold out. 3 days earlier wur standing in billabong contemplating buying the tickets. it was 35 bones each. nah dude. so now were standing at the door at 9. waiting to buy tickets. 45 bones at the door. i think im a natural hustler. i get in for free. marc and will are pissed. after i bought a couple drinks we were all on even terms again.
griff with the rude boys 20th anniversary shirt.
people were going crazy. i was getting pushed everyway. i think a chick elbowed me in the back. so good.
my freshly washed jeans are going back in the wash.
this dude or chick has worse tangles than me. love

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